A Pink Christmas


Christmas conjures up imageries of green pine trees, scarlet ribbons, and gold decorations, which usually inspire clothing color choices for brands and holiday revelers alike. This year, I challenge you to defy this longstanding tradition by wearing pink instead of conventional holiday colors.

Not only does wearing pink set you apart from the sea of red and green sure to dominate holiday parties and gatherings, but the soft pastel color also complements the strong hues of the season very nicely! While kawaii fashion brands do roll out outfits in traditional holiday colors, pink is undeniably the epitome and symbol of kawaii fashion, and there is no reason you can’t wear this signature kawaii color on a special day marked by anything but that.

The trick to making it work is by adding the right details. The Christmas holiday is not just remembered by its bright and vibrant colors, after all! Here are my tips on how to create a festive pink outfit.

Pile on the Fluffiness

Fur keeps us warm during the colder months, but they also add a touch of luxury and Christmas feel to pink outfits. It is ubiquitous in the colder months: It can be found in scarves, boot cuffs, and even trims of outerwear like LIZ LISA’s knit poncho. I got mine from the 2016 winter collection, but LIZ LISA also released a new version with added ribbon details this year.


What better to take a Christmas outfit all the way to the luxurious side with than LIZ LISA’s sleeping princess dress? This web-only item features an original sleeping princess pattern, which includes motifs from the classic fairy tale like castles and spinning wheels, and comes in navy and pink. The pink one is actually even pinker in person, in a good way.


On top of the pink fur-trimmed poncho, I paired this dress with two additional furry items—this year’s LIZ LISA fur-cuffed ankle boots in gray and last year’s Ank Rouge White teddy bear backpack. Soft colors and fur together evoke snow imageries often associated with the holidays, so I chose light- and neutral-colored accessories to create a pink festive look.


One advantage of this outfit is warmth: Pop the hood over your head and you are immediately shielded from the icy winter air. Doing so also ups the princess factor of this outfit because you will look just like the classic winter princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast (except with a pink hood), making this a perfect Christmas date or party outfit.


 A Cute Twist on Old Checks

The red and green plaid pattern is a signature of Christmas, but these checks come in pink too. It is kawaii fashion we are talking about after all. One such item that caught my eye this season was mille fille closet’s sweet holy checked skirt. Besides putting a pink twist on the classic pattern, the skirt also sports a feather fur trim, another important element of a Christmas outfit.


Unlike the LIZ LISA dress, the mille fille closet skirt appears more dusty pink than pink compared with photos online, which also works because that’s the shade of pink usually used in this time of year. The darker pink color also offers a nice contrast to the light pink jewel marshmallow cardigan it coordinates with, giving me the chance to deck myself with pink from head to toe!


Once again, I topped off my outfit with light- and neutral-colored shoes, bag, and accessories. (These LIZ LISA short boots pretty much go with everything. They are a worthy investment!) This was my first time wearing mille fille closet (even though I have written about it), and I really liked it. The marshmallow cardigan is incredibly well-made and warm. The skirt is well constructed and achieves a beautiful flare naturally when you put it on. (There is no crinoline underneath it!) When you put a coat on, the fur trim peeks out just underneath it and the resulting effect is even more cute!


The mille fille closet outfit has a sweet and more modern feel to it compared with the LIZ LISA one, which is more vintage, making it an appropriate coordinate for not just dates and parties but even office holiday functions. This is also a combination of my first and second tip on putting together a pink Christmas outfit, and the jewel cardigan actually brings me to my next tip.


Bring on the Sparkles

Everything during Christmas sparkles: the ornaments, the trees, the fairy lights, and pretty much everything else, including clothing, from full-on sequins to just a tiny bit of glitter. To join in the fun with your pink outfit, choose something shiny whether it’s a lot or a little like this LIZ LISA tulle embroidered dress with small star sequins scattered around the trim.


 I prefer the subtle hint of sparkle in this dress because it lets the pink color shine and you all know how important that is to any kawaii outfit and because the softer pink together with the tulle is well suited for a winter and Christmas feel. In fact, all the details of the dress remind me of the ballerinas in the classic Nutcracker. The jewels on the cuffs of the LIZ LISA ankle boots top off the outfit with another source of sparkle. 


Of course, I added fluffy earrings and a fur neckwarmer with pearls to the mix to create another luxurious Christmas look. 


I hope this helps you wear pink fearlessly this Christmas. Merry Christmas!