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Everyday Kawaii is about (you guessed it) all things kawaii. The main focus is fashion, with a bit of beauty and lifestyle peppered in, because kawaii is more than just a style to me. I embrace all kinds of kawaii styles—lolita (think pink frills and ribbons), simple, elegant, and edgy.

The seed of this idea was sown back in 2016 when I first set foot in Harajuku as an adult. Everywhere I looked, I saw style, and more importantly, confidence. Whether it was an all-bunny outfit complete with a tail on the back and stuffed rabbit in hand or a street look made up of a black ripped T-shirt paired with an acid wash denim skirt and fishnet stockings , everyone fiercely expressed herself through fashion. And that should be what fashion is all about: Unrepentant and confident self-expression.

Inspired by this confidence, I discovered and embraced my love for kawaii fashion. The bows, the pink, the lace, I want to wear all of it, all the time! I hope to represent the best of kawaii fashion in my blog, and inspire you to embrace and live out your own unique style.

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about jackie

founder and editor of everyday kawaii

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award winner of LIZ LISA Coordinate olympics 

I am incredibly honored to have received the Silver award in the LIZ LISA Coordinate Olympics Summer 2018, an Instagram campaign where contestants submit outfit photos to showcase the brand's items paired with beautiful backdrops. You can read more about the competition and my experience here.  

When I am not obsessing over my blog and Instagram, I dream about future trips to Japan, watch my favorite TV show Detective Conan/Case Closed, and try out the latest beauty trends.