Three Fall Colors in Three Dresses

I choose to buy pink almost 99.9 percent of the time when I shop for clothes and accessories. There is baby pink for spring, hot pink for summer, dusty pink for fall, and light pink for winter. I can seriously live a whole year with just pink outfits!

While I still buy some non-pink things in all seasons, my magnetic attraction to pink means I often forgo the chance to experiment with new colors. As if to encourage me to actually try the fall colors I talked so much about last year, LIZ LISA, one of my favorite Japanese fashion brands, has rolled out a very colorful fall collection incorporating new and popular autumnal colors not commonly seen in their products.

I decided to showcase the hottest fall colors in J-Fashion this year in three LIZ LISA dresses. As you’ll see, espousing other seasonal colors doesn’t mean you have to give up on pink entirely. Fall is the last chance to get out there and enjoy time outdoors before the bitterness and cold of winter set in, so I will also share some of my autumnal activities alongside my outfits.


1.       The Brown Trend Continues

Brown made a splash in last year’s fall season and continues to do so this year. This is probably one of the easier colors to work into your wardrobe this fall because you likely already own a few brown-colored pieces of clothing or accessories.

At least in LIZ LISA items, brown is often paired with a pink print, so you can capitalize on that and put together cute outfits by simply pairing your brown dress or skirt with pink accessories or a pink top (without having to spend more).

Brown 3.jpg

LIZ LISA came out with a revival print striped ribbon dress in pink and brown. As its name suggests, the brand created a new design using a pattern released a while back. It’s such a unique idea and print that I thought it was a perfect thing to add to my brown collection. Compared with the Royal Sweets Labyrinth dress in brown last year, the striped ribbon dress features brown even more prominently—the solid brown in the sailor collar, bow, the stripes, and cuffs really pops. The sleeves are also light brown, not the usual white in LIZ LISA designs.

Brown 1.jpg

This dress pairs well with pink accessories from both this and previous seasons. I chose the double ribbon beret from this year and the velour quilted handbag from last year to create a romantic and comfy look for a stroll in the park, something I love doing this time of year. The extra brown accent I completed this outfit with was the frilly ribbon pumps from this year’s Dress Up Doll collection, which are extremely comfortable to walk around in and a perfect complement to any brown-colored outfits for this season!

2.       A Bit of Pastel Purple in a Dark Season

In a season dominated by dark colors like burgundy and brown, lavender stands out as a surprising but wonderful choice. It complements the common fall colors and adds a bit of brightness.  

Since spring this year, LIZ LISA has introduced a wide variety of lavender products. I think their current fall collection contains the most beautiful lavender clothes and accessories they have launched so far, which include the innocent flower print dress and feather pumps that I bought.

Purple 2.jpg

Like the brown revival print dress above, this piece features a pink floral pattern, but the look and feel are very different—the innocent flower print also includes ivory flowers and the pink color is much subtler, giving off a softer and more feminine aura. The mix of pink and purple always reminds me of Rapunzel, and that is exactly how this dress makes me feel. I cranked that up by adding a pink ribbon and pearl bracelet from pink lemontree and the LIZ LISA pink velour ribbon tote bag. 

Midi-length dresses and skirts are everywhere this year. Not only are these longer pieces warmer (since they cover more of your legs), they are also incredibly elegant. The LIZ LISA innocent flower print dress takes this to the next level with its delicate floral pattern and a modest almost-off-shoulder collar. Warm, elegant, and on point, this is the perfect outfit to go window shopping in at a pretty and trendy neighborhood like SoHo in New York in the fall.

Purple 4.jpg

3.       A Deep Dive into Green

Green has always been on the periphery of the fall fashion scene and my consciousness, but it has never been as big as it is this year. It is so popular that even LIZ LISA, which usually sticks to more traditional fall and pastel colors, produced some green clothes and accessories this fall season!

The green glen check dress by LIZ LISA shows just how easy it is to work green into your fall wardrobe. It pairs a forest green bow with a black glen check pattern and features a dark green lace trim on the bottom. Notice that the green is all in the details, so this dress is for those of you who want to just dip your toes into this color before diving in.

Green 1.jpg

The brand also created a bunny key chain with a green bow and a brown fedora with a matching green ribbon that goes with this dress. Inspired by the hat’s color combination, I finished off my outfit with all brown accessories. This outfit is a balance between the first and second one in this post because it’s cute (from the design) and sophisticated (from the dark and rich colors) at the same time, perfect for bookstore browsing in the fall.

I am so enamored with green that I am going to create another feature focused solely on that color. Stay tuned for different ways to wear green next time!